Pillow II (2nd Ed.)

Victoria & Albert Museum

Sculpture & image series

London, 2023

A new edition of Lucy’s signature glass pillow sculptures, representing the relationship between craftsmanship, the digital and senses.


Pillow II was acquired by the Victoria & Albert Museum in 2023 as part of the Art Fund New Collecting Award, with a focus on their digital design collection.

The sculpture is an integral piece within the development of Lucy’s artistic practice, pursuing an embodied and tactile connection to technology through the exploration of form, texture and light.

The piece was initially developed as a 3D digital object that existed virtually, before being physically re-created in various materials such as plaster, metal and hand-blown glass.

The photographic documentation of the work provides another postdigital layer through the use of photo-manipulation to enhance it’s tactile qualities, challenging the viewer’s perception of materiality and realism.

These elements combined provide a triptych of works for the acquisition that capture each stage of the piece, including 3D files with renders, the physical sculpture and set of photographs.

Pillow II is now part of the V&A’s permanent collection, read more about the piece here and the acquisition details here.


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