On Running

Public installation

London & New york, 2021

A multi-sensory experience evoking the closing moments of a marathon.

Commissioned by On Running to celebrate the London and New York Marathon, Point2 is an out-of-body experience of marathon running. 


Spanning three phases, the experience represents the momentum, climax and release as you take the final steps:

Ascent initiates the momentous build-up of reaching the last 0.2 moment, as adrenaline kicks in.

Altitude excites the senses, leading us to a climactic moment of endorphin-filled exhilaration.

Above visualises the euphoric high of running on clouds and reaching the ultimate achievement.


An immersive experience of humanity’s greatest running challenge through scenography, sculpture and audio-visual content, we celebrated the power of the human spirit to transcend beyond our limited beliefs, representing the Point2 mindset.

Working alongside Protein Agency, we developed visual identities for both events as well as the concept, design and direction for the installation spaces.

Approximately 3,000 people experienced Point2 over an eight day period across London and New York.

The Point2 identity and installation was promoted in both OOH and DOOH in the two cities.


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