Bentley Motors

Animated short film


A screen-based landscape witnessing an interplay of natural material agents, inspired by human innovation and symbiotic collaboration.

Created for Bentley Motors and Harpers Bazaar to celebrate Bentley’s Centenary Concept car, Terra aims to reframe the future of mobility and luxury to no longer be based on combustion, but with symbiosis with the natural world.

Terra is a digitally built and animated film, involving material research and development from natural resources as well as directly taken from the Centenary car.

The film’s narrative is built around the story and origin of the car’s materials.
The car itself is a paradox: hyper-modern, technologically-advanced yet encasing secret and ancient organic technologies and materials. 

These ancient processes and materials have been extracted and reframed within a future ecology. 
The materials represented in this piece of work include subfossilised Black Oak, Copper and Mycelium bacteria, brought to life through the narrative mechanic of moving from darkness to light.

The viewer is asked to simultaneously consider the past, the universal, whilst also contemplating the future.
The piece demonstrates the intersection between material technologies and human innovation, with an allusion to both the incomprehensible scale of geological time, alongside a glimpse forward to a bright and hopeful future.

Terra was launched by Harpers Bazaar and was circulated in their Bazaar Art 2019 issue, as well as online.

Terra was also featured as the cover image of Bentley Magazine’s Winter 2019 issue.


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