Web-based experience


An interactive ecosystem, poetically visualising living data and user interactions.

A self-initiated project embodying the studio’s new identity and mission inspired by human presence, creating an adaptive algorithm that showcases our experimental approach.

Intended to redefine the LHS approach and values of ‘bringing the human’ into design, Wetlands is a poetic data visualisation using Lucy’s own brainwaves in response to material stimulation as a tool to ‘inhabit’ the identity, translated as a digital landscape.

Developed in consultation with specialists in the field of neuroscience, wearable technology was used to track electrical brain activity, as well as heart-rate and breath-rate, measuring stimulation levels of interacting with different surfaces while in a closed-eye meditative state.

These data were compiled into an axis of stimulus and material qualities, through linear waves, graphs and cross-sections, which were then translated into a 3D landscape – a spectrum of colour, land contours and wave movement.

This landscape captures Lucy’s responses to a range of material textures, including glass, suede, acetate, slime, silicone rubber, sandpaper and silk, translating her brainwaves and other bodily data into high-points and valleys, rock pools of fluid and flurries of different coloured particles with varied surface area. 

Wetlands intends to create conditions where it is of value to witness oneself as a data source, acting as a mirror or digital twin from a practitioner perspective for audience engagement.

The final result involves two levels of input, one from LHS and one from the user. 

Within the 360º digital space, the user’s interactions disperse colour and trigger wave motions in correlation with the data, creating individual climates or tides.
The more the user plays with the pools, the more they spread and flood the landscape.
The outcome is an ecosystem that’s in a constant state of change between the LHS data and the individual users input.


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