Absent Beauty

The Future Laboratory



A speculative provocation examining beauty and wellness in a post-pandemic reality.

In response to the incomparable changes of 2020, we took a deep dive into how beauty as a concept, experience and ritual has shifted.

The inception of this project consisted of future-facing ideas and insights, which developed into a thought piece with original imagery, commissioned by The Future Laboratory’s LS:N Global platform. 

‘The tactile aesthetics that we search for within the act of beauty, as an emphasis on the self, are a necessary pleasure of being alive. Our deepest sense and need to feel human depends on these small rewards and gratifications.’

These future-facing insights examined how our new normal will change and create adaptations for beauty as both a physical and virtual ‘user experience’. 

We sought to imagine the consumer behaviours of the future, as our experience of beauty and wellness moves beyond superficial appearance, and towards analysis and augmentation of ourselves.

Beyond our own bodies our comfort zone is the home, which has become our space identity, transforming from a simple shelter to the intersection between self-identity, technology and sanctuary. 

Since our accessibility to the world has drastically changed, we are now enmeshed in this domestic setting, it is the only place where we can freely touch.’

Three themes we chose to expand on during our collaboration with The Future Laboratory were; Ritualistic Comfort, Adapted States of Being & Physiological Nostalgia.

Absent Beauty was featured on LS:N Global as well as The Future Laboratory blog, becoming one of the most read articles of their first quarter in 2021.

Read the article in full here.


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