Constellation Series

Pulsar Platform



An extensive visual story representing inter-connection, patterns and dynamism.

Commissioned by Pulsar Platform as visual elements for their new identity, Constellation Series provides symbolic meaning to Pulsar’s insight engine and data analysis.

Intended as a series of scenes based on various metaphors and characteristics of Pulsar’s brand, each scene transforms through movement that represents information shifting from organised to organic patterns and behavioural patterns on a large community scale. 

Key symbols within the scenes are clusters of objects, prism-like shapes, dense structures and waves. 
The outcome is a diverse collection of unexpectedly playful imagery that co-exist within the many industries and formats that Pulsar supports.



Diverse forms represent a constellation of communities that interconnect with one another.

The interconnections progress into a cross-pollination, as the forms collide with one another triggering visual changes.



Driven by the concept of audiences and communities existing as a prism, with data insights creating varied articulations of light. 

These prisms are magnetically drawn to one another, forming a geometric shape of continuous evolution that recalculates and regenerates patterns while refracting light.



Based on the idea of waves as a symbol for continuity and organic patterns, Riptide references both water waves and the spontaneity of glass-blowing that forms its own ripples and undulating movement.



These organic layers visualise data as a positive force, with constant activity happening beneath the surface.

From the audience’s perspective, we witness the change from organised to curved.



These linear shapes symbolise the Pulsar engine that can transform insight into measured impact.

The waves of pattern change from randomised or organised, displaying the importance of dynamism.


Constellation series is a key element of Pulsar’s visual identity, having been applied across all platforms both digital and OOH, spanning from conferences to podcasts. 

See the Pulsar Platform website here.


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