MOVING IMAGE & PUBLIC installation

LONDON, 2023

A mesmerisingly visceral exploration of hidden feminine alchemy.

A self-initiated collaborative project with photographer Maisie Cousins, Spora is a series of moving images representing biological alchemy within the female form, intended for large-scale display.

Spora was first exhibited at Mother London in April 2023.

Inspired by nature’s invisible and intelligent systems of continuous decay and spontaneous growth that are often overlooked, such as mycelium, mould and spores, these works aim to represent the unseen moments that are necessary for life; decomposition, transformation and renewal.

Intended as eight ‘mixed reality’ works, we combined traditional still image photography with animated CGI elements to create hyperreal hi-resolution mutations, creating a fully merged, unexpected enchantment.

The series provides a transformative moment, a chance to resonate with the bodily movement and sensations of the work. A moment of connection, as they crawl across their own skin.

We collaborated with KitMapper as the AV and installation sponsor for the initial exhibition of Spora, using state-of-the-art screens reaching up to 7 feet tall with minimal rigging to allow the work to speak for itself at a ‘larger than life’ scale. 

Spora was on display at Mother London as part of Downstairs At Mother during April 2023.

See full press pack here.


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